Assistant for Health Information Management

(Ger.:”Medizinischer Dokumentationsassistent”, “MDA”)

The training for becoming an Assistant for Health Information Management” (Ger.:”Medizinischer Dokumentationsassistent”, “MDA”) lasts two or three years, usually taking place at a state-run or private full-time vocational school. As an affirmation for having passed his/her education, the pupil receives either an official authentication or a certificate at the end, depending on the respective federal state.

During this course of education, there is taught knowledge in medicine and fields linked to it, professional terminology and technical English, basics in statistics and their practical implementation, electronic data processing and documentation. Furthermore, work experiences of several months are also part of the education.

An Assistant for Health Information Management works under guidance in general and university hospitals, in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry and in private research institutes.

Functions/ Tasks

Basic documentation concerning patient records, recording of rendered services, coding of diagnoses, Electronic Patient Record& archiving & library maintenance, statistical evaluations, pharmaceutical drug safety and market approval, specialised documentation, development of standard forms and on-screen forms, user training, clinical cost management, and the supervision of clinical studies, ranging from data capture to evaluation.

Sources and Further Reading (German only ):

Curriculum-outline of the DVMD (150 KB)

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