HIM Specialist in Medical Documentation

(Ger.: “Medizinischer Dokumentar”)

The training for becoming a HIM Specialist in Medical Documentation lasts three years and consists of the five corner pillars of Medicine, Documentation, Statistics, Information Technology and Organisation & Law. Apart from medical basics like terminology, anatomy & physiology, pathology, pharmacology and laboratory medicine, also in-depth knowledge in statistics (descriptive and analytic statistics and epidemiology) are taught. Additional course contents are basics in documentation, including coding procedures and technical English. In the field of information technology, the timetable includes Programming Languages, Database Theory and – Development, Statistical Evaluation Systems, Software Applications and Quality Management. The theoretical education is supported by hands-on training.

The education takes place at technical schools and includes several placements. At the end, there is a 6-months-work experience, which comprises writing a school thesis. The work experiences are partially remunerated. Depending on the type of school, financial aids by means of “BAFöG”(federally funded student loan), by the “Federal Employment Office” (Ger.:”Arbeitsamt”) or BfA (”Bundesanstalt für Arbeit” i.e. the Federal Employment Agency) are possible. For detailed information, please contact the respective school.

HIM Specialists in Medical Documentation work self-dependently in pharmaceutical industry, private research institutes, general- or university-hospitals and software companies. With a percentage of over 40%, HIM Specialists in Medical Documentation make up the biggest share of all different kinds of documentation specialists working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Functions/ Tasks

Pharmaceutical research, together with the coordination of trials, data management, biometrics, monitoring, pharmaceutical drug safety. Furthermore, the design, development and maintenance of databases, as well as information retrieval, quality management, clinical cost management, health economics and epidemiology.

Sources and Further Reading (German only):

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Film about the job of HIM Specialists in Medical Documentation, available in the local “BIZ”, i.e. the job information centres (a part of the local employment offices)

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Training Schools

Navigationspfeil Berufliche Schule am Klinikum der Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universität Greifswald, Greifswald
Navigationspfeil Schule für Medizinische Dokumentation, Gießen

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