Professional in Media- and Information Services in medical documentation

(Ger.: “Fachangestellter für Medien- und Informationsdienste”, FaMI, Fachrichtung Medizinische Dokumentation)

As a fifth branch of study, medical documentation has been integrated into the education for becoming a Professional in Media- and Information Services (Ger.:”Fachangestellter für Medien- und Informationsdienste”, “FaMI”). There have been set national standards for this course of education, which lasts three years and takes place at the two learning sites of a company and a vocational school (German “Dual System”). In case of interest, the prospective apprentice looks for a training position in a company. After having signed the apprenticeship contract, the future apprentices are assigned to a place at the respectively responsible vocational school.

Professionals in Media- and Information Services already possess a broad basic knowledge in four other branches of study, i.e. concerning Archiving, Library Maintenance, Image Processing, as well as Information and Documentation. In the last period of their education, the specialisation on medical documentation takes place.

Functions/ Tasks
Basic documentation concerning patient records, recording of rendered services, coding of diagnoses, Electronic Patient Record & archiving & library maintenance, literature documentation.

Apprentices are taken on by general- & university-hospitals, by companies of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry and by private research institutes. Depending on the respective federal state, the responsibility for the implementation of legal standards lies with the respective Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Regional Administrative Authority (Ger.: Regierungspräsidium/ Bezirksregierung). During the education, the apprentices receive an apprenticeship payment.

Sources and Further Reading (German only):

PDF Icon - Recommendations of the DVMD (65KB), green book, curriculum -outline; maybe also curriculums of the respective federal states.
PDF Icon Flyer about “Professionals in Media- and Information Services” (Ger.: “FaMIs”) working within clinical studies (160 KB), supported by the GFMD-association ; Development & design by Ina Zimpel.

Training Schools

Navigationspfeil Berufsförderungswerk Bad Pyrmont, Bad Pyrmont
Navigationspfeil Berufsförderungswerk Bad Wildbad gGmbH, Bad Wildbad
Navigationspfeil Karl-Schiller-Berufskolleg, Dortmund
Navigationspfeil Berufsförderungswerk Hamm, Hamm

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